Can I Eat Garlic to Get Allicin?

Posted by Health Journey on 5/27/2017 to News

Can I eat garlic to get allicin?  Well, absolutely you could eat raw garlic; however, here’s a fun fact about Allimed… six drops of Allimed liquid or one capsule is equal to a hundred and fifty garlic cloves.

Other thoughts: Eating fresh, raw, crushed garlic is always a great idea, even if you decide to use Allimed.  Be sure to choose fresh garlic grown locally (or at least from your own country) and stay away from old, dry, dusty or moldy garlic.  You should also look for garlic that is difficult to peel (usually a sign of freshness).  Most people cannot keep up with a daily regime of fresh crushed garlic, especially in large quantities.  Four cloves per day seems like quite a bit at first... but it may not be enough to produce your desired results.  Fresh, raw garlic has a tremendous lingering odor and is nearly impossible to give to children.

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