Can I Take Allimed with Food?

Posted by Health Journey on 5/27/2017 to News

Can you take Allimed on an empty stomach? Absolutely! There should be no reason that you can’t take your Allimed on an empty stomach and I think it works better when you have less food in your stomach. However, if you have a history of intestinal issues, you might want to take it with a little bit of food.

Other Thoughts: That is up to you.  Most people like to take Allimed liquid with a small amount of cold juice or water.  Allimedwill not cause a lingering odor like fresh garlic or traditional garlic supplements and it will not cause odor in perspiration.  However, you may smell or taste the liquid for several minutes after taking it or you may get a little garlic burp after ingesting either the liquid or capsules.  Consuming it with food or juice will help alleviate this.  If you take more than a few drops of the liquid, please mix it directly into juice or water.   Never put Allimed into hot liquid or hot foods as this can deactivate the allicin.  Keep all Allimed products refrigerated to extend shelf life.

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