Is Allimed Safe?

Posted by Health Journey on 5/27/2017 to News

Is Allimed safe? Yes Allimed has been tested 100% safe even in extremely high amounts; however take common-sense precaution. The liquid is very spicy; you would want to try it on yourself first before you would give it to your child. You need to speak with your doctor and let him know all the supplements that you’re taking and if you have surgery planned.  You probably want to stop garlic in advance you just need to speak with your doctor about that. IT DOES HAVE BLOOD THINNING PROPERTIES, but it is shown to not interfere with warfarin or any blood thinning medications.  Use common-sense, start small and work up slowly, especially with the liquid. Speak to your Allimed consultant if you have questions about giving Allimed to children.

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